Labrador sterilization
If the owner of the Labrador does not plan to receive offspring from his pets and does not want to burden himself with the worries associated with caring for the…

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Teaching a puppy not to spoil things in the house
The puppy has a very developed need to nibble something, so it must be provided with various, but safe for his health toys. Remember that a swallowed rag or, for…

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Calcium in puppy nutrition
A lot has been said and written about calcium supplements in puppy food. As in everything, both excess and deficiency are harmful here. Calcium is necessary for the puppy to…

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Hereditary eye diseases

Progressive Retinal Degeneration (PRD / PRA) refers to a group of genetic (hereditary) retinal diseases that cause damage to the photoreceptor (photosensitive) retinal cells – rods and cones, leading to their degeneration and ultimately death.
The first signs of the disease that appear in the animal are a violation of twilight (night) vision, the affected animal is poorly oriented in the dark. Further, daytime vision is gradually deteriorating. Owners also pay attention to the constantly dilated, poorly responsive to the pupils of their pet. The dog’s eyes in the dark, instead of the usual bright green, begin to “glow” yellow or even silver. In some dogs with progressive retinal degeneration, bilateral cataract begins to develop, the owners notice that the dog’s eyes become white-blue, cloudy (this is especially noticeable with dilated pupils). These signs, depending on the early or late form of the disease, most often begin to appear at the age of 1 to 5 years, but the disease can manifest itself at any age. Continue reading

Labrador Heart

When the dogs “go to heaven, new stars light up there …” I want to believe this after the pilot and poet Exupery, so that, looking into the bottomless night space, I remember the good that “our little brothers” gave us.

Somewhere, behind the constellation of the Hounds of the Dogs, there is probably the constellation of Labradors … I think so when I remember the chocolate Mona, which appeared in our house ten years ago, with a small fluffy lump and cheerful eyes, a wide velvet forehead, with satin pillows on thick strong legs and a bare pink belly.

Then I did not know how much my life would change, as I did not expect that this chocolate Mona – Mellani would eventually become the Queen – the mother of a large family of Labradors in the nursery Ans Lumens, “The Existing Light” (translated from Latin in interpretation – Divine Being), which gave true friends and even Champions to many lovers and connoisseurs of these noble animals.

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Always in our memory

The first time I saw these dogs was in the movies. I really liked the hero’s yellow dog – strong, sociable, playful; I was terribly worried when the dog was shot in the middle of the picture … Once, while walking in the park, I met a woman with a dog that looked surprisingly like a dog from the movie. We talked, and I found out that these are Labradors, very pleasant and funny dogs, helpers, lifeguards. The woman talked a lot about her Chanel and Labradors, and when I let her pet her pet, I realized that I wanted such a dog, a dog with such soft hair, with such warm eyes, with such a wonderful character.
When the chocolate Labrador puppy appeared in our house, the impression was that he was always with us. Walking, feeding, playing was a completely natural activity, absolutely not burdening any of our family members. We did not know the gnawed furniture or shoes, the labrador ate all the food offered, and on the street passersby did not hide their admiration. Continue reading

What do labradors eat?

The dog lives with a person for so long that it has completely adapted to all his habits – good and bad. Labrador can be called an omnivorous animal and, in principle, it can eat everything that its owners eat, but is it good? If you want your Labrador to really shine with health – be prudent!
A Labrador needs regular and nutritious nutrition. The daily diet should include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and in the right ratio.

The dry food assortment is presented by the companies: PRO PLAN, ROYAL CANIN, HILL’S, ACANA.

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Interesting about Labradors

Where did the name of the dog breed Labrador come from? Perhaps the geographical association with the Labrador Peninsula or with the name of the Portuguese and Spanish laborers (Lavrador) played a role. Perhaps there is a connection with the black stone labradorite or with the name of the Portuguese village of Castro Laboreiro, where the dogs guarding livestock bear a striking resemblance to labradors …

Dog of breed Labrador Dog of breed Labrador

Bjarni Herjolfssom and Leif Ericson in 986-1001 AD were the first Europeans to see and set foot on the Labrador and Newfoundland Peninsulas. And the first settlement was founded on Vinland (Labrador) in Continue reading

Labrador Care
Paws The laborer’s easy gait is largely dependent on the condition of the claws. If the dog walks a lot on asphalt or other hard ground, the claws grind by…


Dog Inheritance Control
George A. Pagett, an outstanding veterinarian and geneticist, suggested that breeders, as an urgent and priority task, set priorities in the fight against hereditary diseases. He meant that the higher…


Labrador Care
Paws The laborer’s easy gait is largely dependent on the condition of the claws. If the dog walks a lot on asphalt or other hard ground, the claws grind by…


Its wonderful character and comfortable appearance attract adults and children. His hunting abilities are fascinating. This dog succeeds! Including success with the general public. But beware of fakes. Labrador -…