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Prepare in advance for your puppy a place where he will sleep. Place it away from batteries and drafts, not in the aisle, so that the baby feels calm. A…

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To me team Starting from two to three months of age, a puppy should always have a treat in his pocket when walking with him. Give the puppy the command…

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House behavior
Probably, we want to have not only a clean dog in the house, but also a dog that knows how to behave decently. Look at the world through the eyes…

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Raising a puppy.

Hundreds of books have been written about the education and training of dogs. But even after reading all of them, you will not be able to raise your dog correctly, if you do not learn to understand its behavior, to reckon with its needs. If before you get a dog, you thought it over well and chose the exact breed whose content matches your abilities, the problems of upbringing will be reduced to the achievement of the following:
– accustoming to cleanliness;
– correct behavior in the house;
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To me team
Starting from two to three months of age, a puppy should always have a treat in his pocket when walking with him. Give the puppy the command “Come to me!”, Crouching and spreading his arms out to the sides, draw his attention. As soon as the puppy runs up, immediately joyfully encourage him, pet and let go for a walk. Repeat this every fifty to sixty meters. If the puppy does not fit, then in no case should you run after him, on the contrary, you should run away from him. After the command “To me” it is strictly forbidden to punish the dog or do anything unpleasant for her. This is an emergency braking command; its execution should be brought to full automatism; hearing her, the dog must forget about everything. Many dogs died Continue reading

Teaching a puppy not to spoil things in the house

The puppy has a very developed need to nibble something, so it must be provided with various, but safe for his health toys. Remember that a swallowed rag or, for example, pieces of a cracked rubber ball may cause a blockage in the intestines. It is advisable to change the puppy’s toys more often so that they do not have time to get bored. If the puppy is trying to gnaw objects forbidden for him, then from this he must be immediately weaned. A puppy biting the leg of a chair should be hurt and sent to its place. If he chews on a slipper, then he needs to be hit with the same slipper – the puppy should have a notion that if the slipper is “disturbed”, then he will begin to “fight”. You only need to do this if you find him at the “crime scene.” Do not tempt the puppy – when leaving home, remove all shoes and objects that you would not want to be torn Continue reading

Puppy initial training

Keeping your puppy clean
In order to teach your puppy not to get dirty in the house, firstly, you need to walk him as often as possible. It is absolutely necessary to quickly bring the puppy out onto the street immediately after eating, sleeping, or playing for a long time, otherwise the puppy will certainly get dirty, and then blame only on your laziness. As soon as he does his “business” on the street, he must be joyfully praised.
Old newspapers can help in teaching cleanliness. While the puppy is too small for walking, the owner takes a few old newspapers, gets wet the puddle made by the baby and puts these newspapers in an accessible and convenient place for subsequent cleaning. Further, the puppy is taught to go only to newspapers. As soon as Continue reading

Labrador Puppy Care Instructions

Puppy training begins from the moment when he is brought to a new home. First of all, the puppy is introduced to new people, animals and sounds, accustomed to cleanliness, left alone at home, taught to walk on a leash and chew only permitted items. The puppy is also trained to keep in touch with other dogs or people, if they go towards you, do not pay attention to cyclists passing by or to kids having fun. In addition to these practical skills, the puppy should also be taught the commands: “to me”, “place”, “next to”, “sit”, “lie” and “stand”, as well as contact with a look. With these commands you can control the dog in all situations. To train your puppy with new teams, you need to motivate them. No dog will execute the commands you give just because you want it. All dogs (like people, however) are looking for their own benefits in all actions. The Continue reading

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