Can I choose a future champion?
Many beginners will not believe it, but there is no formula that you need to adhere to when choosing a Labrador puppy. Beginners must learn to accept the good along…

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Labrador Care
Paws The laborer’s easy gait is largely dependent on the condition of the claws. If the dog walks a lot on asphalt or other hard ground, the claws grind by…

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General principles of first aid
Helping a poisoned animal is a very difficult task even for an experienced veterinarian, not to mention the owner of the animal, since it is usually very difficult to determine…

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these circumstances

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When a dog replaces eyesight

There are people to whom the dog replaces … eyesight. Perhaps you rarely see such people on the street. Still would! In Russia and on the territory of the former Soviet republics there is only one (!) School for the restoration of the working ability of the blind and for the training of guide dogs of the All-Russian Society of the Blind. It is located in the village of Kupavna near Moscow. Real enthusiasts of their hard work work here.

Morning walk

The school started a commotion. “What happened?” – I asked Anatoly Ermoshin (director of the school). “Yes, our disabled person was gone! Just yesterday I came to prepare – to deal with a dog. We gave him Continue reading

Labrador Yoga – Scotland Yard’s best nose

In the 1960s, Sherlock Holmes himself would envy the fame of the Labrador Yoga from Scotland Yard. The dog could smell drugs even under water. Sergeant Douglas Shearn, who worked with Yoga, had every reason to be proud of his partner. In 1971, an agent reported that a ship loaded with opium was arriving in London. The ship moored, the customs officers went down into the hold and froze. Douglas Shirn, for the time being holding Yoga on a leash, looked down at the mountain of bags:
“Well, and how long will you have to examine all this?”
“About ten hours,” the customs official answered distressedly.
– And Yogi – ten minutes!

Soon the dog was already pawing on the canvas and barking. In the bag was a briquette with opium.
Yoga began to demonstrate his phenomenal abilities at the age of one year and two months, right after he got to Scotland Yard. True, in his youth, he did not know how to restrain the violent temperament inherent in Labradors, and instead of gently sniffing at all corners and crevices, he arranged for a rout. When the young dog was first taken to Continue reading

Sun Dog – Specialty Dog Therapists

Therapeutic dogs are a unique means of rehabilitation for children with developmental disabilities. The use of dog therapists – canis therapy – is aimed at solving the problems of integration and social adaptation of children with disabilities. This direction has a rich history abroad, but in Russia it has appeared relatively recently and is actively developing. At our Center, the first dog therapist was trained in 2003.
Canis therapy in our country does not yet have an official status and legislatively established criteria for the selection, training and use of dog therapists, as well as the training of specialists in this field. In our work, we are guided by the Canis Therapist Code of Ethics.
We call canis therapy classes with specially trained dogs aimed at correcting, rehabilitating and socially Continue reading

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Pregnancy and childbirth Labrador
So your dog is mated. Pregnancy or pregnancy - the period from conception to childbirth. From the first knit this period is 63 days. Puppies on the 59th or 66th…


Labrador Heart
When the dogs "go to heaven, new stars light up there ..." I want to believe this after the pilot and poet Exupery, so that, looking into the bottomless night…


Passion for dysplasia
Hip dysplasia in dogs is a problem that affects at least three categories of people. These are veterinarians (orthopedists, surgeons, genetics, physiologists) involved in the detection of dysplasia, its diagnosis,…


Interesting about Labradors
Where did the name of the dog breed Labrador come from? Perhaps the geographical association with the Labrador Peninsula or with the name of the Portuguese and Spanish laborers (Lavrador)…